We show you how to get this hot new BI-LAYER cut created by celebrity stylist Paul Stafford.


“We call Hollie’s look  the BI-LAYER, and it incorporates a technique by the same name we devised that creates natural movement and irregular texture without compromising weight, volume or length”, Paul Stafford, UK celebrity stylist of Stafford Hair, Belfast.


Step 1. Section the hair from ear to ear, then, starting at the highest point of the crown, alternating square and round layer sections. Blend square sections with square sections only and the round sections with the round. Disconnection is vital in creating the boho look.

Step 2. Using a slide-cutting method starting at the highest point of the square layer, direct the hair to front sections. It’s important to leave enough length at the front sections to allow for personalisation at the end.

Step 3. If you want to introduce a fringe or underlayer, take an arc section from the temples to whatever thickness of fringe is required. Take a section in the centre of the arc and cut at 90 degrees. All subsequent sections should be directed into the centre, creating a curved fringe from eyes to cheekbones. Personalise to suit.

Step 4. Using Denman XL Radial Brushes, the Head Huggers XL brush is ideal for the curvy bouncy, blow dry the hair, creating loose, beachy waves concentrating on the mid-lengths and ends.


Step 5. To finish, tip the hair upside down and blast with cold air, allowing the hair to open up and loosen. Finish with Alfaparf Classic Spray.

Collection sponsors: Denman and Alfaparf Milano





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