Red Lippie Over 50

Red lips are timeless but many of us shy away from it!  How do we wear red with confidence?

Helen Mirren

FROM the silver screen to the red carpets, there is one beauty look that is always on trend: red lips. Worn by actresses including Helen Mirren, 71, and Susan Sarandon, 69, time and time again red lipstick is the trend of choice for the A-list on the red carpet.

Surprisingly though, a recent study by Avon showed that 35% of women said they wouldn’t wear it. That figure rose to nearly half of women in the 56 to 65 age bracket, with most giving the reason that red lipstick simply didn’t suit them.   Although 40 per cent agreed that the colour implies confidence.


It is recommended for smaller lips to stick to a warmer lighter shade of red and to keep the rest of your make-up simple so the pout is the stand-out feature.

The right texture of lipstick is important too. Try to use cream and gloss finishes for small lips. Matte lipsticks, which are on trend right now, look best on a more pronounced pout.


Avon’s survey found that 1 in 3 women believed there wasn’t a single shade of red that suited them. However different reds suit different skin tones and it can be a case of trial and error to find what looks good. 

NB: Try the product on your lips rather than the back of your hand as your lips are a totally different colour to your hand.  Take a photo of yourself in the natural light outside… does it make you look washed out? Does it suit your skin tone? 

If you have fair skin and red hair, go for reds that have orange, coral and blue undertones.

A light complexion suits a more pinkish red.

Those with medium and olive skin can try warm orange, golden and caramel undertones. Blue undertones and plum reds also look good.

Darker skin tone looks great with luscious, deep berry and ruby red tones. 



Moisturise your lips half an hour before you start with a lip balm such as the Dr Paw Paw Original Balm. 

To begin, sweep a little concealer across your lips to neutralise their natural colour. 

Draw around the outline of your lips with a red lip pencil. If your lips are small, drawing slightly above the lip line creates the illusion of fuller lips.

Next, fill in the rest of your lips with the lip pencil for longer lasting colour. Now apply your chosen lipstick with a brush. Blot with a tissue, reapply and blot again. 

Finally take a small brush and concealer and dab around the lip line correcting any slips that may have happened along the way.


For added shine and hydration you can apply the Dr Paw Paw Red Tinted Balm throughout the day or evening.  It will refresh the colour and give you that irresistible glow.