The Beauty Of Travelling- My Top 4 Travel Essentials


Travelling takes planning; not just the flights, hotels and restaurants but also the - what to take with…

Whatever you do, don’t compromise on your beauty products, rather leave out a pair of shoes in favour of the day cream, night cream and eye cream.


My top 4 travel beauties are;


Staying hydrated during a long haul flight is absolutely essential. Before any long travel day I make sure to drink plenty of water for at least 48 hours before the flight, this helps with jetlag and keeping your skin hydrated once you get onto the plane. But drinking water isn’t always enough, so you can pack a spray mist for your face.


Dr Paw Paw

The original Dr Paw Paw is the best little travel companion and if you only pack one thing this is it!  The multi-tasking balm keeps your hands, cuticles and lips well moisturised throughout the flight.  You can also wear it on your face for the overnight flights and it will have the added bonus of acting like a primer if you apply foundation on landing.  They have also cleverly just launched a mini version of their tubes which makes it pocket friendly. Yay!


Denman Popper Brush

Travelling or not this nifty little brush should live in your handbag.  The compact shell opens up to push out the flexible bristles so you can brush your hair and then fold it back in on itself to keep out of harm’s way!  Or collect dirt.  There is a mirror on the one side too for checking your hair or reapplying lipstick.


Tweezerman Mini Tweezer

You may not be able to carry this item hand luggage, depending on your destination, but make sure you pop it into your toilet bag.  Tweezing has become a daily, weekly, monthly ritual for me, I am always finding the odd hair not falling in line with the others or that single hair on the underside of my chin eek!  Tweezers are a life line for me and a must-have on trips!